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SemiXicon is based in the Silicon Valley serving world wide Semiconductor, Photonics and Medical etc industries with precision ceramic machining and assembly solutions with our core technology of wafer handling chuck tables.
Our wafer chuck tables, Electrostatic Chucks and heaters are virtually found in many Semiconductor equipment in most of the process from front to end.From universities, international researching institutes and independent labs to all major world class fabs and manufacturing sites, our wafer handling solutions are synchronizing with the rapid development of Semiconductor Industry and continue to lead the precision solutions to handle the ever evolving ultra thin and flexible wafers.
Our ceramic machining shops are specialized in prototyping precision ceramic components of materials from Alumina Oxides, Zirconia Oxide, Silicon Carbide to Alumina Nitirde and Silicon Nitride.
SemiXicon takes pride in protecting the Intellectual Property and Technology Know how of our business partners.



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